Mechanics often use
computer programs to
diagnose problems in
vehicles not easily
identified with the
naked eye. Computer
diagnoses are usually
the most efficient and
least expensive way to
diagnose a vehicle’s
problem, especially in
today’s microprocessor-controlled cars and trucks.
Whatever your vehicle or model, Doughton’s Automotive
has the computer diagnostics connection that will show
how to accomplish your repair quickly and efficiently.
ASE Certified mechanics are mechanic who have fulfilled
the voluntary requirements for certification by the US
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.
At Doughton’s, our mechanics are well trained service
individuals with years of experience on various vehicles
and models which assures quick and accurate repairs
every time. They also are assisted with Computer
Diagnostics for all current automobiles and trucks.
You will be greeted each time you
come in with courteous concern
and quick follower through. Don't
hesitate to ask for an estimate for
your need.
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