When you
need tires
check with us
first. Most likely
we have just
what you need
ready to be
mounted on
your wheels.
Special brands
or sizes can be
here over night.
We also offer a wide range of wheels and other
accessories too. Your new tires will be professional
mounted with Doughtion’s power assisted
equipment and balance system. How about a
new and exciting set of wheels to go with your
new Coopers?
Weak or dead batteries have no place in your
day. We will gladly check your battery and
make recommendations for your vehicle.
Our emergency service is handled by highly skilled
mechanics  with a real concern for your vehicle and
property. Call us to pick up from your home or on the road.
We always work closely with local officials at accident
scenes for utmost safety in moving and towing your vehicle.
In the early days of
automobiles it was said that all
was need to repair a Model-T
was a screwdriver, a pair of
pliers and a piece of roadside
barbed wire. With today's
highly sensitive vehicles the
wrong tool could destroy an
expensive component.
At Doughton’s we
have one of the
largest assortment of
tools currently used
for today’s cars and
SUVs. Bring your ride
to us and one of our
ASE mechanics will
apply the precise tool
to your problem for a
speedy repair.
Customer satisfaction is our goal. If you are not
satisfied with our service, tell us. We will work
quickly with your concern to get everything right.
Grade our service. Click HERE and enter your
recent experience with us.
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